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      Working together to fight the epidemic -- Nucleic acid testing was carried out in Tontex Industrial Park

      Jun 01,2021     |     Published in:Guangzhou Lead Fair Plastic Co., Ltd

      Currently, the epidemic situation in Guangzhou is grim. As of May 31, the epidemic chain started in Liwan has increased to 49 people, and the outbreak area is spreading from Liwan to Tianhe, Haizhu, Panyu and other surrounding areas of Guangzhou.

      Facing a complex and volatile epidemic, ensure the health and safety of Tontex industrial park staff, maintaining the normal order of production and operation, focus on production and fight the epidemic at the same time, the epidemic prevention material preparation, in and out of the park personnel control, daily prevention measures are both careful arrangement. In addition, in order to investigate the staff and search the infected persons, the company organized all staff to do the nucleic acid test on the Lead fair office building on June 1st. 

      Testing the sample

      Medical staff wear full protective clothing

      Organize nucleic acid testing by unit

      Filling the personal information

      The nucleic acid test lasted more than three hours, and a total of 367 people had test .  In the next step, we will continue to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control operations in the company, cooperate with the local government's epidemic prevention policies and requirements, to ensure the normal production and win the final victory.  

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