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      Fighting the epidemic together,Tontex Volunteers in action.

      Jun 06,2021     |     Published in:Guangzhou Lead Fair Plastic Co., Ltd

      The epidemic situation in Guangzhou is urgent, and epidemic prevention is the top priority at present. The final victory in fighting against the epidemic requires whole society, the government, enterprises and every take part in it. Tontex Industrial Park volunteers, also take action into fighting against the epidemic.  

      Division of labour, serious and responsible

      Guide the people test information filling

      Volunteers are hardworking

      Checking the ID information carefully

      Introduce to the media about the large-scale nucleic acid testing and the participation of volunteers  

      Epidemic is an order, and epidemic prevention is our shared responsibility. This is a war that no one can stay away from!  

      Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Liwan, Guangzhou, in order to ensure the large-scale nucleic acid testing carry out smoothly, a large number of guangzhou volunteers go to the dangerous battlefields. They helped the disabled, they are willing to give without expecting anything in return, they show the volunteer spirit of "dedication, fraternity, mutual assistance and progress".  They are the most lovely people of this time!  

      Tontex Industrial Park Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team was established in May 2019. The team members come from various department in the company. All the team members have received professional first-aid knowledge training, and some of them have 10 years of volunteer service record in Guangzhou.  

       Volunteer oath: I volunteer to be an honorable volunteer.  I promise: to do my best, regardless of compensation, to help others, to serve the society, Promote volunteerism, spread advanced culture, and build a solidarity, equality, fraternity, progress of the good society and efforts of unity, equality, fraternity, progress of the good society and efforts!  

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