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      Continuing improvement up to perfection-The first PRDCA project improvement Presentation in 2021

      Jun 09,2021     |     Published in:Guangzhou Lead Fair Plastic Co., Ltd

              On June 9th, Tontex Industrial Park 2021 first PRDCA project improvement Presentation was held in Lead fair conference room on the second floor.Lead Fair, Fast sonic, Win most are total of 9 project improvement teams attended the presentation.

               In recent years, with the constantly changing market environment, especially the regulatory changes, raw material price fluctuations, customer requirements and so on. The operation and production of the company faces more and more difficult challenge. 

               Facing the complex and changeable market and external environment, the traditional management mode can no longer adapt to the changing trend. We need to bold attempt and improve continuously, through long-term effective measures, to achieve revenue &expenditure and cost reduction & efficiency, to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. So that we can survive in a complex and volatile market environment. PRDCA, as an effective improvement tool and method, was put forward by the chairman under such a background.

               From team building, theme selection, status grasping, goal setting, factor analysis and other steps .After three months of improvement practice. Nine teams shared their improvement process and results in the meeting.


                 After evaluation, Lin Zhang who is the plant Services Department Deputy manager won the Third prize, the project name is "Reducing the Heavy Industry Rate of The Foaming Packaging Group".

      Deputy general manager Paul Chen presented the award to the Lin Zhang deputy manager;

                Xin qiang Guo who is the manager of the Plant Services Department won the Second prize;the project name is “Decrease the defective rate of Non-hanging fabric process”;

      Bin Pei  who is the manager of management center won the First prize, the project name is “Improvement of Standardization of General Infrastructure Works”;

                Associate Director Lin presented the award to Director Xin of the project Implementation Team, and took a photo with the group members. In this project improvement activity, the implementation team adopted the method of piecemeal responsibility and daily tracking, they are worked hard to improve the project. 


               Deputy general manager Paul Chen he pointed out the shortcomings in various cases by tool methods and topic choose. He wants each project improvement team to be proficient in using improvement tools and ways. Combined with the company's annual planning goals, through effective project improvement activities, to achieve the improvement goals of revenue and expenditure, cost reduction.

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